Carleton Court

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I just read your answer to an inquiry about a bungalow colony called Villanove Court. My family rented a bungalow in a place called Carlton Court in the summer of 1954. Do you have any info on that place?
- Chef Henry

Hello Chef Henry,

Carlton Court was located on West 35th Street between Surf Avenue and the Boardwalk. The resort was owned and operated by Agnes Stephenson and then sold in the 1930s to Herman Berman and Joe Feld of B&F Bungalows. They also operated the adjacent Sea Gate (Villa) Casino on West 36th. Carlton operated from around 1910 until 1966 when the property was sold to Max Berman who demolished the bungalows in 1972.

The furnished bungalows were rented for the whole season, the most expensive being the two story boardwalk structures that offered a view of the ocean. There was a central path that led to a "pavilion" by the Boardwalk that had handball courts and tables and chairs where people gathered to play cards or Mah-Jong. Sometimes B&F hired bands to play at the pavilion dances. Carlton tenants were mostly repeat seasonal customers who considered themselves one big Coney Island family!



I remember being a little girl and my mom and dad would hang out, till late at night playin cards and laughing with all there friend at the bungolows.All of us kids loved it, eating icecream playing in the johnny pumps(fire hydrandts) watching fire works...I had the best childhood anyone could ask for growing up in coney Island.I Miss it,I always have to come back every summer..Its a must.Its in my blood...

Oh gee my family rented a bungalow at Carlton court in the 1950s, we had the up stairs of the beach front 2 story , we had so many kids to play with there, I remember the ladies and their mah Jong games, I remember kids bingo and the prize was a movie ticket, I won a ticket once, I danced my first dance with a boy at the court, we had a band for the dance, I remember and a woman their who taught me to swim and she had a weenie roast on the beach for the kids, a Bon fire, I remember each week the fireworks and we would all go on the board walk to watch, fun childhood memories.

Does anybody from the court remember names of Zina, Flo Yagerman or Alvin.

When we exited off the Belt Parkway on to Cropsey Ave. there was a statue of Jesus. on the corner.
Anybody remember that

Anyone remember us the crew from texas and Brooklyn? Joe resnick? Any pictures? Saturday night band the path under the boardwalk to the beach.

A dear friend of mine who recently died wrote and sang a charming song, Coney Island by the Sea, about his wonderful childhood summers in the 1960s spent at a modest bungalow colony with a gate facing the street next to the Boardwalk. From the lyrics about men playing cards and the porches, I strongly suspect he must have been singing about Carlton Court. Enjoy the song!

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