Comet Roller Coaster Mystery

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I am going to Coney Island tomorrow and have been combing through various videos on YouTube the past few days.  In one video of The Cyclone from some time in the 1930's I could clearly see that there was a second Coaster right next to The Cyclone!!  This has triggered an obsession to try and find out whatever I can about this mysterious second Coaster!  I can only find a few scant mentions of this Coaster that appears to have been torn down in the mid-40s. The spot is now the parking lot for the Aquarium.  I am hoping you can fill me in with some fun info...   
Thank you so much!   
Eldo Ray Estes 

Hello Eldo,
That would be the Comet Coaster also known as the Wildcat and Big Dipper. It opened in 1921.
It operated side by side with the Cyclone until 1945 when it was replaced with McCullough’s Kiddie Park.
The Tilyou family owned the property until it was sold to the Aquarium in the 1960s.


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