Old Photos

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I am guessing that these pictures were taken around 1912. My question is are they pictures of Coney Island and if not do you have any idea of where they might have been taken. In the picture of the beach we can read "Petersen's Pavilion" and "Stauch's Baths". In the boardwalk picture you can read "Klondike Pioneer Placer Gold Mine". Thanks!
- Gary Long

Hello Gary,

One of your photos was taken on the Coney Island beach looking east. It was taken before 1911 because the large structure on the pier is the Dreamland Ballroom, which burned in 1911. The tower in the center is the top of Dreamland's Shoot-the-Chutes. Ward's boardwalk can be seen on the left, and behind the Stauch's sign is Petersen's, a bathhouse located behind Feltman's on Jones Walk. The beach is extremely narrow and was not expanded until the Boardwalk was built in 1923.

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