Roy Sylvan Sartin

Model Maker and Music Producer

Roy Sylvan Sartin
Interview Date:
June 1 2008


Roy grew up in Coney Island and, among many other ventures, makes exquisitely detailed scale models of rides like the Himalaya, at which he also worked when he was a child. He tried to get a job at Astroland when he was too young but, eventually, because he came around every day and the owners saw his "love affair" with the park, he worked there from 1984-87. Since then, he has worked for the Department of Sanitation and still lives in Coney Island, where he also has a recording studio, produces records and works as a DJ. His parents first moved the family to Coney Island from Bedford Stuyvesant partly because Roy's uncle had a soda shop on 36th Street and Mermaid Avenue. Roy also describes The Backfire, which is The Cyclone running in reverse.