Hyeyoung Kim and Michael Cooper

Composer and lyricist of Luna Park, a musical, on chronicling the partnership of Thompson and Dundy

Hyeyoung Kim and Michael Cooper
Interview Date:
July 17, 2017


Lyricist Michael Cooper and composer Hyeyoung Kim met as students at NYU's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program and began working collaboratively in 2005. They talk about researching and writing Luna Park, a musical which chronicles the partnership of Fred Thompson and Skip Dundy, creators of Coney Island's first Luna Park.  Originally commissioned by and performed at SUNY Cortland, the musical has been presented as a staged reading at London's Page to Stage Festival (2016) and a concert of songs at New York's Prospect Theater Company and The Good to Go Festival (2017), among others. Clips from the musical's songs, including "You and I" and "Trip the the Moon," were mixed into the interview by Samira Tazari. You can listen to the studio demo here.