Keith Suber

Community activist and reformed gang member

Community activist Keith Suber grew up in Coney Island as part of a large extended family that lived in the West End. His earliest memories include playing in Kaiser Park across the street from Gravesend Houses, where he lived with his grandmother. He and his brothers later became gang members and Suber wound up serving ten years in federal prison. Upon his release, he returned to Coney Island and started several projects to save local youth from gangs, drugs and the same fate that had befallen him years before. An early success was his  "Pre-Apprenticeship" job training program that taught basic construction skills to at-risk youth. Unfortunately, the program ended when Hurricane Sandy decimated Coney Island in October, 2012. Suber is the subject of the 2011 documentary The Last Immortal. He is currently in the process of starting a construction consulting company.