Linda Zhang

Coney Island homeowner for 19 years enjoys organic gardening and walking on the boardwalk

Linda Zhang
Interview Date:
October 7, 2019


This interview was conducted and recorded in Mandarin Chinese. Read Yolanda Zhang's transcript and translation below:


Linda Zhang was born in 1967 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province of the People's Republic of China. She immigrated to New York in 1996 and first moved to Coney Island in 2000 where she resides with her husband and two children.  We first met Linda in April, when she joined our Immigrant Heritage Walking Tour of Coney Island conducted in Mandarin, which finished with a ride on the Wonder Wheel.

张女士(Linda Zhang)1967年出生于中华人民共和国广东省广州市。 1996年移居纽约,并于2000年首次移居康尼岛,与丈夫和两个孩子同住。我们首次见到张女士是在4月份,当时她参加了国语版康尼岛移民文化遗产步行游览项目,并在最后体验了康尼岛游乐园的“神奇之轮”。

Linda bought her house in Coney Island in 2004 and her mother, who lives one street away, bought her home in 2000. Linda says her sister and friends also settled down and bought houses in Coney Island where the air quality is good and there are many places to go for a stroll. She says that walking on the Boardwalk for an hour has become a part of her daily schedule, inseparable from her life.


Linda and her mother, who used to farm when she lived in China, enjoy planting melons and vegetables in their gardens in the summer time. "What we harvest is very different in quality from those bought from the store. Especially this big winter melon," says Linda. "You can't buy anything like that from the store. The taste is different when you plant it yourself."

张女士的母亲在没来美国之前经常在家乡耕种。如今,母女俩常在夏日的花园里种瓜种菜。张女士说:“我们自己种的与从商店购买的质量有很大不同。尤其是这种大冬瓜。” “这是在超市里买不到的。自己种的菜,味道是不同的。”