Childs Building, The (Boardwalk)

Moscow-born Coney Island resident, writer of creative nonfiction and fiction, and professor of English
Natasha Lvovich is a Coney Island resident, a writer of creative nonfiction and fiction, and a Professor of English at  CUNY Kingsborough.  Originally from Moscow, her family of Refuseniks experienced what she describes as "the very hard path" to...
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On her three year photo project
Karen Thumann is a photographer from Oklahoma who came to Coney Island on a recommendation from a workshop instructor. She was fascinated by what she found and quickly secured a grant to fund her return trips in the 2011 and 2012 seasons to take...
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Grew up on 20th & Surf and 21st & Neptune
Shanna Rivera, Rita Fernandez and Pam DeGennaro grew up together in Coney Island. Rita's daughter, Keyniah Romero joins them as they share some of their memories. They all remember the chocolate factory that used to operate out of the Child...
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