Natasha Lvovich

Moscow-born Coney Island resident, writer of creative nonfiction and fiction, and professor of English

Natasha Lvovich
Interview Date:
February 2, 2019


Natasha Lvovich is a Coney Island resident, a writer of creative nonfiction and fiction, and a Professor of English at  CUNY Kingsborough.  Originally from Moscow, her family of Refuseniks experienced what she describes as "the very hard path" to gain permission to emigrate and were finally able to leave in the early years of the Gorbachev era. Natasha was in her 30's by the time they made their way through Vienna and Italy with the help of HIAS and settled in Southern Brooklyn. 

Natasha talks about her book The Multilingual Self: An Inquiry into Language Learning (Routledge, 1997), autobiographical stories describing her journey from anti-Semitism in Soviet Russia to the life of a Russian immigrant in America. "We landed right here, and we stayed," she says of Coney Island, where her walks on the Boardwalk and the view of the amusement park from her terrace have made the history of the place very personal to her. "I feel at home. This is my home." Her academic and creative interests include fiction and memoirs written by "translingual" authors--that is, writers who write in their non-native language-- of which she is one. In the interview, Natasha reads from Sandy Chronicles: Coney Island, Brooklyn, creative nonfiction written after Hurricane Sandy. 

Links to Natasha Lvovich's creative work:

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