Philips Candy

Memories of working as a police officer in Coney Island in the 1980s and '90s
Gravesend native Donna Bianco became a police officer at age 22 after a female cop, one of the few she knew, registered her for the test and she scored well. She was assigned to Coney Island from 1986 through 1993, when the neighborhood was crime-...
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Photograph copyright Abe Feinstein
Stillwell Avenue Subway Entrance
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Owner of Philips Candy Store
A Coney Island classic, Philips Candy Store, has moved to Staten Island but owner John Dorman recalls his decades open for business in the Stillwell Avenue train terminal. The shop originally opened in 1930 in that location, but Dorman began working...
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Artist and co-founder of Coney Island Hysterical Society
As a tribute to Philip's Candy, Coney's oldest candy shop which was housed at the entrance of the Stillwell Avenue subway terminal since 1930 and was forced to move in 2001, Philomena installed a giant lollypop at the station and called...
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