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Dear Mr. Coney Island...
My grandmother lived on W 32 St betw Mermaid and Surf Avenues and I spent a lot of time there in the 50’s as a young boy. I remember a very large, old even then, Victorian house w/ turrets on the NW corner of Surf and W 32. It was always scary to me. It was just across W 32 from the closed Surf Theater. Would you happen to know anything about it or possibly a photo? Thanks for your help.
- Eric Schwelke

Hello Eric,

The building was an old rooming house called the Wave Crest that stood abandoned for many years. It was demolished around 1958. Here is a photograph of the building when it was in operation, circa 1920.


I lived on 32nd street on Railroad ave. We owned the candy store that was across the street to the Crystal Hotel. Next to the wave was a empty lot were my friends and I played stick ball. Piching a spaldeen against the wall of the Surf movie. Do you rememberrrrrrrrrr

I remember that grand old building and my mother told me my grandfather wanted to buy it and refurbish it into a hotel it was in a great spot back then...

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