Anne Green

Memories of growing up in Coney Island in the 1930s and '40s

Anne Green, 89, grew up in Coney Island and currently lives in Brighton Beach. Her family first moved to West 20th Street in Coney Island after a fire in their Harlem apartment. She shares childhood memories of finding a $10 bill on the beach, playing on a sunken ship in the bay, riding the LA Thompson Scenic Railway and Steeplechase Park's Barrel of Fun, and collecting magazines for the war effort. One of her friends and neighbors in the 1940s was Stanley Ralph Ross, who grew up to be a writer for television shows including the 1960s Batman TV series. Anne remembers being married in Coney Island by a rabbi just before sundown on a Friday. The newlyweds lived in a summer bungalow until it got too cold and then moved into rooms at the back of a store.