Chris Cuomo

Memories of riding the Steeplechase Horses, Human Roulette Wheel and Parachute Jump 70 years ago

Chris Cuomo
Interview Date:
June 15, 2019


Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, Chris Cuomo, 78, shares memories of going to Steeplechase Park in the late 1940's and early '50s.  "Every summer, my mom would take us and half the neighborhood down on the train to Coney Island, and she'd pack a big lunch, and then we'd get the little round tickets from Steeplechase." She vividly recalls riding the Steeplechase horses, Human Roulette Wheel, and Parachute Jump, which she rode 14 or 15 times during her childhood despite having a fear of heights. Now a Minnesota resident,  when Chris visited the Coney Island History Project in the summer of 2019 and recorded this interview, she was delighted to see the Parachute Jump and surprised to find out it no longer operates as a ride.