Gregory Bitetzakis

Co-owner and operator of Gregory & Paul's for more than 50 years

Gregory Bitetzakis and his partner, Paul Georgoulakos, have operated a half dozen restaurants in Coney Island for more than half a century. Although they are best known for their two stands on West 8th Street at Surf Avenue and on the Boardwalk, they also for a time ran the "sit-down, tablecloth" venue known as Napoli's Seven Seas on Surf and West 16th Street.  Gregory retired in 2009 and Paul and his family continue their proud culinary tradition with Paul's Daughter Restaurant on the Boardwalk.

Gregory Bitetzakis was born in Greece on January 6, 1936. He passed away on January 17, 2017 at the age of 81. Read our blog post "In Memoriam: Gregory Bitetzakis" here.