Julio Sauce

Ecuadorian-born Gravesend resident is among NYC's fastest long-distance runners in his age category

Julio Sauce
Interview Date:
July 30, 2016


This interview was conducted and recorded in Spanish. Read Leslee Dean's transcript and translation below.

Julio Sauce, 44, is a resident of Gravesend who has been running marathons, including the Coney Island 5K, Brooklyn Half Marathon and New York Marathon, since 1998. A native of Déleg, Ecuador, he was inspired by Mexican runner German Silva's victories in the 1994 and 1995 New York Marathon. Sauce credits the West Side Runners Club (WSX), of which he is a team member, with helping him develop a disciplined training program. He trains on Coney Island Beach, as well as the Belt Parkway Promenade, and Prospect Park, among other places. In 2013, he won first place among local runners in his age category in the New York Marathon, and 70th place overall, with a time of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Along with more than 80 of his fellow WSX runners, Sauce is registered for the 2016 New York Marathon on November 6th.