Lois McLohon

Brooklynite who posed for a now iconic 1950's NY Daily News pin-up photo on Coney Island Beach

Lois McLohon
Interview Date:
April 11, 2020


In 1954, Lois McLohon posed for a Daily News photographer as a bathing beauty against the backdrop of Coney Island beach and its famous skyline.  When the photo appeared as a "cheesecake photo" in the paper's centerfold,  she and her friends thought it was fun. It wasn't till recent years, thanks to it being posted on the web, that the photo became iconic. "I think it captures the spirit of the times," says Lois. "You have a nice looking young girl on the beach. You have all of Coney Island in the background, It's more than a picture of me. It's a picture of the times. I don't think  this picture would play today. It's a glimpse into the past." Reflecting on what Coney Island means to her today, Lois says it's "freedom" and being "forever young." She also shares her earliest girlhood memories of going to Coney Island in 1944,  when she was ten, and meeting her future husband, Bob, who was a lifeguard, as a young woman in the '50s.