Yi Xin Tong

Living in Gravesend, artist from China's Mount Lushan feels closest to home at Coney Island Creek

Yi Xin Tong
Interview Date:
December 2, 2018


This interview was conducted and recorded in Mandarin Chinese. Read Jiangxin Jin's transcript and English translation below.

Yi Xin Tong is an artist from Mount Lushan, China, where he grew up learning calligraphy, poetry and fishing from his grandfather. At Coney Island Creek, which he describes as "the place that I can feel closest to home in New York," Yi Xin spends his time fishing for striped bass and flounder and creating videos such as NYC Fishing Trip - Water Is in Front of the Bushes and the YouTube channel Gravesend Fisherman. He talks about his experience living and working in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn for the past six years.

童义欣(Yi Xin Tong)是来自中国庐山的艺术家,他从小的书法,诗歌和钓鱼的造诣来自祖父。他描述在康尼岛溪“我在纽约找到家感觉”(Coney Island Creek),他钓鱼,捕捞条纹鲈鱼和比目快活度日,并制作了诸如“纽约市钓鱼之旅-水在眼前”之类的视频。灌木丛和格雷夫森德(Gravesend) Fisherman YouTube频道。他讲述了过去六年来在布鲁克林的格雷夫森德社区生活和工作的经验。

Yi Xin has a BFA from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, and an MFA in Studio Art from New York University. He exhibits widely in the US, Canada and China. Upcoming group exhibits in 2019 include Adrift, Chambers Fine Art, New York and BRIC Biennial III, Brooklyn.

童义欣拥有加拿大温哥华西蒙·弗雷泽大学(Simon Fraser University)的文学学士学位和纽约大学(New York University)的工作室艺术硕士学位。在美国,加拿大和中国都曾举办展览。 2019年即将在纽约Adrift,钱伯斯美术馆和布鲁克林的BRIC Biennial III举行团体展。