Jen Kepler

Educator at New York Aquarium and passionate observer of Brooklyn wildlife

Jen Kepler is an educator at the New York Aquarium whose titles are Manager of Volunteers and Visitor Engagement and Live Interpretation Manager. The Brooklyn native recalls aspiring to work there ever since her childhood visits to see the beluga whales and the Aquatheater Show. After earning a degree in zoology, Jen says she joined the Wildlife Conservation Society in 2007, "jumping from Prospect Park to the Central Park Zoo, and finding my way to the New York Aquarium. I'm really excited to be living my dream." She found her calling "teaching people about what I love." In this oral history, Jen talks about the various species of ducks, gulls, and birds one can see on Coney Island Beach and at Steeplechase Pier. In her personal blog, Snapshots of Nature, she shares her photos and observations of Brooklyn wildlife.