Kai Fung

Homeowner in Coney Island's West End for almost 30 years and first member of his family to settle here

This interview was conducted and recorded in Cantonese Chinese. Read Sylvia Ching Man Wong's transcript and translation below.

本采访以粤语进行并记录下来。阅读下面的王靖雯(Sylvia Ching Man Wong)的笔录和翻译。

Kai Fung, a homeowner on West 35th Street in Coney Island’s West End, was born in 1956 in Macau and immigrated with his family to Hong Kong when he was 12. After his sister became a U.S. citizen, Fung and his wife decided to start a new life in New York. When they bought their home in 1989, they chose Coney Island due to its affordability though friends had safety concerns

冯启泰先生是康尼岛西区西35街的业主,他1956年出生于澳门,于12岁时随家人移民到香港。他的姐姐成为美国公民后,申请冯和他妻子一家来纽约开展生活。他们在1989年置业,他们选择康尼岛(Coney Island)是因为此地楼格合理。

The government subsidized homes built by Astella Development were spacious and comfortable, says Fung, and safety has improved over the years. Now, one third of the families on the block are Chinese. Three of his siblings and their families currently reside in Coney Island. “We love it here!" he says. "The best part of it is the beach."

冯说,政府资助爱斯他利发展商(Astella Development)建造的房屋宽敞舒适,多年来当地治安也不断改善。现在,这个邻舍中华人人口占三分之一。他的三个兄弟姐妹数家人鄱居住在康尼岛。他说:“我们很喜欢这里!其中最喜爱的是海滩。”

Having studied hotel management and worked in the hotel industry, Fung's first job in New York City was with the Hyatt Regency, the hotel chain he had worked with in Hong Kong. Working the night shift at the Vista Hotel saved his life when the hotel, which would later be destroyed on 9/11, was badly damaged in the 1993 World Trade Center terrorist attack. Fung recently retired after 20 years working as a bartender at the Essex House. He enjoys playing ping pong and practicing T’ai Chi at the Seaside Innovative Senior Center on West 37th Street in Coney Island, where this interview was recorded.

冯启泰在学习酒店管理并从事酒店行业之后,在纽约市第一份工作是和香港曾合作的凯悦酒店(Hyatt Regency)连锁集团合作。在Vista酒店因为夜班工作避过了致命灾难,该酒店于9/11毁于一旦,也曾在1993年世界贸易中心恐怖袭击中遭到严重破坏。冯先生在埃塞克斯郡(Essex House)担任酒保长达20年,最近退休。他喜欢在康尼岛西37街海滨创新高级中心打乒乓球和练习太极拳,在此也进行了这次采访。