Half Moon Hotel

Looking north east from Boardwalk to the newly built Half Moon Hotel. In the foreground McLochlin's West End baths (a bathhouse).

"The one structure that defined the New Coney Island more than anything elese was the Half Moon Hotel... Described as being fourteen stories, it was actually 225 feet tall, the equivalent of twenty-two stories. The Hotel's tower was topped by a colorful mosaic-sheathed dome with a golden weather vane in the shape of Henry Hudson's ship, the Half Moon."
(from: Coney Island: Lost and Found, by Charles Denson)

"The Half Moon was designed by George B. Post & Sons in the Spanish Colonial style. Hotel specialists, the firm typically worked in the Federal and neo-Georgian styles as at its 1925 Hotel Roosevelt in Manhattan. Perhaps the mild exoticism of the Half Moon acknowledged the fantasy aspects of Coney Island, but the hotel's central tower also uncannily resembled the one at at Dreamland, which had been destroyed by fire in 1911."
(from: STREETSCAPES: The Half Moon Hotel; A Symbol of Coney Island Is About to Be Eclipsed, by Christopher Gray, May 7, 1989)