Page 26 (top): Shooting the Chutes at Dreamland

Page 26 (top) of the Glimpses of the New Coney Island book: Shooting the Chutes at Dreamland

Photograph of the Shoot-the-Chutes ride at Dreamland Park

"Dreamland's Shoot-the-Chutes was the largest version of the water slide ride ever built; actually two Chutes side by side for a greater capacity of 7000 people an hour. The chutes' 280 foot long ramp extended over 175 feet beyond the beach and was supported by a high iron frame set above ocean pilings. A moving staircase 360 feet long transported passengers to the top where they boarded flat bottomed boats which slid down the water slicked Chute beneath the pedestrian bridge to the large lagoon below. Each boat was manned by an oarsman in the rear who guided the boat to the dock where passengers embarked."

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