Page 25 (top left): Airship at Dreamland

Page 25 (top left) of Glimpses of the New Coney Island book: Airship at Dreamland

Photograph of the Airship Ride at Dreamland Park with the Japanese Teahouse in the foreground (not to be confused with the Air Ships ride in Steeplechase Park)

"The gardens behind the Japanese Teahouse featured a hanger where Santos Dumont's Airship #9, a sixty foot long cigar shaped balloon with a 35 foot long gondola suspended below, was displayed. The attraction had been a hit at the Buffalo Exposition. A three-horse power gasoline motor spinning a two-blade propeller powered the craft on its daily scheduled flight over Coney Island. The inventor / aeronaut, promoted as a noted Brazilian scientist, performed scientific airborne experiments from his airship's base in the backyard of the Japanese temple."

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