Chia-Ti Chiu

Teaching Yoga on the Beach in Coney Island

Chia-Ti Chiu
Interview Date:
December 3, 2016


Yoga and meditation teacher Chia-Ti Chiu has been teaching "Yoga on the Beach" off West 19th Street in Coney Island since 2014.  She talks about her family's Taiwanese heritage, her travels to China and Southeast Asia, where she studied Mandarin Chinese and yoga. Chia-Ti has been teaching teens, adults and elders for over 15 years in New York City and also leading workshops in Thailand, Ghana, and Haiti. The idea for Yoga on the Beach originated with Lola Star Boutique owner and Coney Island enthusiast Dianna Carlin. "Having our view be the ocean, I often refer to it," says Chia-Ti, who asks "How can you live a life as expansive as the horizon?" The donation-based Yoga on the Beach in Coney Island runs every Monday, 7-8pm, from June 5, 2017 through August or early September, weather permitting.  Meet at the Lola Star Surf Ave Shop in Stillwell Terminal at 6:45-6:55. For details on this season's program visit Chia-Ti's meet-up page.