National Carousel Association Brass Ring Award to Coney Island History Project

NCA BRass Ring Award

At the National Carousel Association's 2014 convention and technical conference in New York City, the Coney Island History Project was honored with their Brass Ring Award for Service. The award was presented "for outstanding efforts in Archiving, Recording and Preserving the History of the Pioneers and Contemporaries of the Amusement Industry in Coney Island, New York."

"This award is a great honor," wrote Coney Island History Project director Charles Denson in a thank-you letter to National Carousel Association president Bette Largent. "When we founded the History Project a decade ago, Carol Albert and I set out to preserve in living memory the achievements and contributions of the many unsung heroes of Coney Island and the NCA award is an encouraging validation of our mission."

The Coney Island History Project's Hall of Fame has honored such Coney Island amusement industry icons as Steeplechase Park founder George C. Tilyou, carousel carver Marcus C. Illions, and ride inventor and amusement manufacturer William F. Mangels. Among the voices in our Oral History Archive are the late Jimmy McCullough, whose family operated numerous small amusement parks and carousels in Coney Island, including the B&B Carousell; band organ expert Max Nowicki; and Fabricon Carousel Factory founder Marvin Sylvor.


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