Remembering Frank Gurrera

Frank Gurrera

We were sad to learn of the passing of Frank Gurrera,  95, who worked at the MTA's Coney Island Overhaul Shop for 50 years and was TWU Local 100's oldest active member. The Coney Island History Project sends our sincere condolences to his co-workers and friends.

Last year Katya Kumkova recorded his oral history for our archive. "Sometimes they come up with the big parts, sometimes the small parts. Make this, fix that," Gurrera says in the oral history.  "It's all part of the job. Keeps your mind going, keeps your hands active, keeps your body going. Let's see, I have to fix that." Excerpts from his oral history were included in this moving tribute by ABC7NY's Josh Einiger.  You can listen to the full interview here.


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