Today in Coney Island History: Norton's Point Light

Norton's Point Lighthouse Photo copyright Charles Denson

Today in Coney Island History: On March 2, 1889, Congressional statute established a lighthouse at Norton's Point on the western end of Coney Island. 2011 photo by Charles Denson from the Coney Island History Project Collection.

Charles Denson, director of the Coney Island History Project, has photographed the Coney Island Lighthouse and Sea Gate for over 45 years and this 2013 trailer for his film uses personal photographs, videos, and archival images from his archive.



i'd always wondered where norton;s point was. the bus always said it went there.

Hi Charles,
I’m a grandson of Frank Schubert. I’ve watched this video multiple times and just wanted to thank you for providing me with a visual memory of my past. I now reside in the SW and just hearing the ocean, the gulls, and the horn remind me of when I used to stay at the light with grandma and grandpa. To me it was just grandma and grandpas “house”. Holidays, weekends, etc. I now wonder what became of the interior of the home I grew up knowing and loving. Hope all is well. Thank you again for the fond memory. Thomas.

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