July 16: CreekWalk, A Walking Tour of Coney Island Creek with Charles Denson

CreekWalk Designed and Created by Charles Denson

CreekWalk, A Walking Tour of Coney Island Creek, with Charles Denson of the Coney Island History Project

Saturday, July 16, 12:00 PM, Free. Meet at Coney Island History Project Table, City of Water Day at Kaiser Park

Explore the history of Coney Island Creek on a walking tour with historian Charles Denson, who has documented the Creek for over 40 years and is working on a book and film about the waterway.

In 2012, Denson designed and created CreekWalk, a series of informational plaques installed along the Creek and a self-guided walking tour brochure, with the support of the Catalyst Program of the Partnership for Parks. Ten additional markers will be unveiled on July 16 in a display at the Coney Island History Project Table. You may also pick up a free tour brochure.

This special walking tour is part of City of Water Day, a free day-long celebration of the world-class potential of the water that surrounds us and brings us together. A regional initiative of Waterfront Alliance, the neighborhood event at Kaiser Park on Coney Island Creek was organized by the Coney Island Beautification Project and features exhibits and activities of participating schools and organizations. 

More info: http://waterfrontalliance.org/2016/06/24/city-of-water-day-is-in-your-neighborhood

CreekWalk Charles Denson


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