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Hello! Share and preserve your Coney Island memories by recording an oral history interview over the phone or via Zoom. We are also recording interviews, both in English and other languages, with people who live, work, or grew up in adjacent neighborhoods of Southern Brooklyn. Sign up or listen to some of the more than 400 interviews in the Coney Island History Project online archive.



I lived at 2719 w,33 st from 1953 to 1963 would you have any photos of that building when it first opened? I remember the moving truck pulled right up to the building the road was all sand

History Project director Charles Denson has a blog called Ask Mr. Coney Island ( where he answers questions including requests for photos. Please email it to

In our Oral History Archive, we have an interview in which the narrator mentions the road in front of Gravesend Houses being sand when her family moved into the then brand new building. You can listen to it here:

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