Page 12: A Condensed History of Coney Island, continued

Page 12 of Coney Island - The People's History: A Condensed History of Coney Island, continued

A textual narrative written by Major B. Franklin Waite, A.M., Ph.D., B.S., LL.D. about the origin of Coney Island as a community. Starting in 1844, the narrative delves into different aspects of the development of Coney Island including recreation, business development, challenge of fires, place names, ownership and governorship, Dutch influences, natural resources, division of land, infrastructure development. Coney Island perseveres through trials and tribulations to remain a valuable part of New York's history.

Describes the Fires of Coney Island: 1883, 1892 (Chambers' Drug Store), Paul Bauer's Hotel, 1894 (West End), 1895...

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