Coney Island in "Lost New York" at New-York Historical Society

Coney Island History Project director Charles Denson was recently invited to participate in a fascinating new exhibit at the New-York Historical Society titled Lost New York. The exhibition “explores the landmarks, vistas, pastimes, environments, monuments, communities, and modes of transportation that once defined this city.” Preserving pieces of a vanishing past is the theme, and on display are a treasure trove of artifacts and artworks from the museum’s vast collection. Denson was invited to write a panel relating to the lost natural environment of Coney Island as illustrated by 19th century paintings and photographs. “My panel explains that sometimes what was lost in the past can be restored if there’s public awareness and advocacy." 

According to Denson, “Chief Curator Wendy Nālani E. Ikemoto has a unique vision regarding the complexities of New York City history and has paired each object in the exhibit with stories by contemporary New Yorkers.” There are more than 100 objects in the show that define New York’s past, but also show the importance of landmark preservation. Lost New York is on display until September 29, 2024.



I have a presentation about the Coney Island immigrant woodcarvers that you would enjoy.

Hello Community,
Please let me introduce myself, my name is Kathryn Brinkrode (Bittner). I will start by saying I became a "Woman's Bobsleder" because of the Old "Bobsled Ride" at Coney Island. Through my historic referances, I have now located part of the Old but Goodie......The Ole Lady Herself.....out at Knoebel's Amusement Park in PA. My son and I are going to see her this August for 2 days. I need you guys with me on this. Please let me know if you are available to speak. What a great old Old Bobsleder.....a great story.....Much Love please keep in contact.

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