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Harry Gans
Lived in Coney Island from 1938 thru early 1950's
Vivian and Ben Grisar
Holders of Coney Island History
Goldie Durlester
Lived through the Great Depression in Coney Island
Jocelyn Cantor
Grew up on Avenue Z in the 1930's and 40's
Joseph Albanese
87-year-old remembers the Nickel Empire
Peter Agrapides
Owner of Williams Candy and past owner of Fascination Arcade
David Rapaport
Got stuck on the Parachute Jump
Marion Kantrowitz
Rode the Cyclone at 4 years old
Wendolyn Bundy
Retired teacher
Max Nowicki
Band organ expert
Ralph Perfetto
Grew up in Coney Island in the 1940's
Freda Aron
Radio broadcaster and Coney Island native
Jimmy Prince
Proprietor of Major Markets, Coney Island's oldest butcher shop
Lou Powsner
Coney Island businessman and neighborhood activist
Goldie Durlester
Depression-era resident and survivor of the 1932 fire