Oral History Archive

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Jeff Brooks
Tales of unusual dark rides, riots, the Tornado, and the Bowery
Lorraine Ross
Resident of Coney Island for 47 years and retired transit cleaner at Stillwell Terminal
John Hunt
Model builder of roller coasters and amusement rides including the Cyclone and Deno's Wonder Wheel
Michael Liff
Memories of working at the Tornado roller coaster and other Coney Island rides and games in the 1970s
Angbeen Saleem
A poet and roller coaster lover describes her weekly ritual of riding the Coney Island Cyclone
Reverend Cliff Herring
The Roller Coaster Reverend shares stories of Cyclone weddings
Sheila Levrant de Bretteville
Memories of growing up a block from the ocean and being head of Lincoln High School's Art Squad
Mindy Gress
Memories of growing up on Coney Island's first block and working in the Cyclone photobooth's darkroom
Don Ferris
Carpenter, mechanic, and showman who started his career operating roller coasters and road attractions
Rebecca Diamond
A five-year-old describes her visit to Coney Island
Linda Kramer Evans
Girlhood memories of visiting Great-Aunt Molly who lived in the house under the roller coaster
Harold J. Kramer
Boyhood memories of visiting relatives at the house under the Thunderbolt roller coaster
David Head
David Head tells the story of African-American inventor Granville T. Woods and his electric roller coaster
Robert Maxwell
Roller coaster restorer and enthusiast
Rose Patton
Lived next door to Luna Park
Robby Corrado
Mr. Cyclone hopeful
Harold Kramer
Relatives lived under the Thunderbolt
Kyle Yapching & Steve DeCastro
First ride on The Cyclone