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Dennis Thomas
President of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club for the past 12 years and a member since the 1980s
Cuzzo Sosay
Musical inspiration and meditation at Coney Island
Olga Lozar
A Sea Gate resident who is a Coney Island Polar Bear talks about the pleasures of winter swimming
Hawley Hussey
Sea Gate artist, writer, educator and year-round swimmer
Naum Barash
A Coney Island Polar Bear recounts his 50 years of winter swimming in Ukraine and Brooklyn
Abiodun Bello
A Coney Island Polar Bear talks about the health benefits and natural high of winter swimming
Joe Rollino
103 year old former Coney Island strongman and boxer
Joe Lazzaro
A member of the Iceberg Athletic Club from 1971-2007
Louis Scarcella
Longtime resident of Coney Island and former President of the Polar Bear Club