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Dennis Thomas
President of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club for the past 12 years and a member since the 1980s
Karen Wilcox
Memories of living in Luna Park Houses and going to Coney Island bathhouses in the 1960s
Cuzzo Sosay
Musical inspiration and meditation at Coney Island
Olga Lozar
A Sea Gate resident who is a Coney Island Polar Bear talks about the pleasures of winter swimming
Hawley Hussey
Sea Gate artist, writer, educator and year-round swimmer
Naum Barash
A Coney Island Polar Bear recounts his 50 years of winter swimming in Ukraine and Brooklyn
Abiodun Bello
A Coney Island Polar Bear talks about the health benefits and natural high of winter swimming
Joe Rollino
103 year old former Coney Island strongman and boxer
Joe Lazzaro
A member of the Iceberg Athletic Club from 1971-2007
Louis Scarcella
Longtime resident of Coney Island and former President of the Polar Bear Club