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Jeff Brooks
Tales of unusual dark rides, riots, the Tornado, and the Bowery
Jeff Brooks and Monica Ghee
Jeff was given less than a year to live. Monica donated a kidney and saved his life.
Monica Ghee
Coney Island native and longtime independent game operator on Jones Walk
Gloria Nicholson
Memories of growing up in a Jones Walk rooming house in 1940s Coney Island
Candi Rafael
Coney Island carny kid and water race game operator on the Bowery
Dalia Vazquez and Raymundo Bardomiano
Dalia Vazquez and Raymundo Bardomiano own Tacos Doña Zita on Coney Island's Bowery
Mary Loretta Hood
Mary Hood came to Coney Island as a child and worked on the Bowery well into her 90s
Terry Zheng
5D Cinema entrepreneur on Coney Island's Bowery
Naomi Starss
An adventuresome youth in Coney Island
Harry Gans
Lived in Coney Island from 1938 thru early 1950's
Freda Aron
Radio broadcaster and Coney Island native
Linda and Michael Merr
Family of former Coney game and ride owner Jack Merr
Neal Kavakos
Memories of Tunnels of Love ride operator John Kavakos