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Marie Navarro
A lifelong resident's memories of growing up in Coney Island's Gravesend Houses and Kaiser Park
Shavon Meyers
A poet and storyteller on growing up in Coney Island at Gravesend Houses, the beach and Astroland
Patrick Phillips
Memories of working at Astroland's Neptune Diving Bells in the summer of 1964
Lou Nasti
Mechanical display creator who redid the tricks for Astroland's Dante's Inferno dark ride in the 1990s
Paul Sanchez
Coney Island singer/songwriter who wrote "A Coney Island Song"
Shirley Aikens
Community activist and president of the Carey Gardens Tenants Association
Walter "Shorty" Arsenault
Long-time manager of Astroland's Kiddieland
Wally Roberts
The King of Jones Walk
Erik Knapp
First in line for a ride on the Cyclone
Circus Boy
13-year-old side show worker and activist
Roy Sylvan Sartin
Model Maker and Music Producer
Louis Parker
Remembers Astroland Rocket
Frank Pugliese
Maintained Astroland Park's Astrotower for 25 years
Bobby Nagy
Roller coaster aficionado
Ralph Perfetto
Grew up in Coney Island in the 1940's