Oral History Archive

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Connie Scacciaferro
Memories of going to Coney Island Beach as a child in the 1930's and a teenager in the '40s
Ron Vernon
Lifelong stickball player and Coney Island lifeguard for 48 years
Bill Zeidenberg
Memories of growing up on Brighton First Court and a summer job renting beach chairs in Coney Island
Chia-Ti Chiu
Teaching Yoga on the Beach in Coney Island
Dionne Brown (D.L. Jordan)
Lifelong Coney Island resident and author of Living Life Like It's Golden
Steve Larkin
Memories of working at a Coney Island beach chair and umbrella rental company as a teen in the 1970s
Patricia Sener
Sea Gate resident and co-founder of CIBBOWS - Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers
Taty and Ralph Alicea
Mother and son remember the Laughing Lady at Coney's Magic Carpet Fun House
George Rudes
Clothing company CEO George Rudes grew up in the shadow of the Half Moon Hotel
Vivian Palo
Loved growing up and raising children in Coney Island
Sherri and Harold Kaufman
High school sweethearts from Coney Island
Minnie Pinkwas
Moved to Coney Island in 1934
Anne Greenspan
Lifelong Coney and Sea Gate resident