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Tymell Murphy
Professional basketball player and author of a book of poems and stories who grew up in Coney Island
Ron Vernon
Lifelong stickball player and Coney Island lifeguard for 48 years
Billy Blitzer
Longtime baseball scout for the Chicago Cubs and Sea Gate resident
Kite Flyers at Coney Island Kite Festival
Kite flyers Billy Echeverria, Nicholas Rowe, Kurtis Jones and Charles Stewart at Coney Island's Kite Festival
Julio Sauce
Ecuadorian-born Gravesend resident is among NYC's fastest long-distance runners in his age category
Albert Apuzzi and Dori Ten
Coney Island handball champions Albert Apuzzi and Dori Ten on the mecca of handball
Anthony Martire
A family tradition of raising and racing homing pigeons in Coney Island
Patricia Sener
Sea Gate resident and co-founder of CIBBOWS - Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers
Misha Mokretsov
Founder and head coach at New York Fencing Academy in Coney Island
Edwin Cosme
Business Owner and Founder of the Coney Island Sports Foundation