Oral History Archive

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Arthur Nintzel
Boyhood memories of Ocean Tide Baths and the B&B Carousell's Lincoln horse
Marian Carbone and Anna Jackson
Memories of riding the Parachute Jump and Steeplechase horse race ride in the 1950s
Susan Hochtman Creatura
Memories of growing up in a Jewish household in Coney Island
Jimmy McCullough
Lifelong carousel owner and operator
Michele Forsten
Lived in Luna Park Housing in the 1960's
Ed Radonic
Organist and grandson of B&B Carousell organ doctor
Howie Lipstein
Devoted Cyclone Rider
Debra Sturm
New York Aquarium volunteer
Marvin Sylvor
American carousel designer and artist
Meg Feeley
Memories of her grandfather's frosted food business and a renegade ride on the Thunderbolt
Kevin Rexach
Worked at the B&B Carousell
Max Nowicki
Band organ expert