Oral History Archive

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Arthur Nintzel
Boyhood memories of Ocean Tide Baths and the B&B Carousell's Lincoln horse
Marian Carbone and Anna Jackson
Memories of riding the Parachute Jump and Steeplechase horse race ride in the 1950s
Susan Hochtman Creatura
Memories of growing up in a Jewish household in Coney Island
Jimmy McCullough
Lifelong carousel owner and operator
Michele Forsten
Lived in Luna Park Housing in the 1960's
Ed Radonic
Organist and grandson of B&B Carousell organ doctor
Howie Lipstein
Devoted Cyclone Rider
Debra Sturm
New York Aquarium volunteer
Marvin Sylvor
American carousel designer and artist
Kevin Rexach
Worked at the B&B Carousell
Max Nowicki
Band organ expert
Meg Feeley
Memories of her grandfather's frosted food business and a renegade ride on the Thunderbolt