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Johanna Gargiulo Sherman
Artist and Coney Island resident recalls growing up on Mermaid Avenue above Carolina Restaurant
Santos Torres
Coney Island resident for 43 years, community gardener and musician
Bonnie Kong
Growing up in Coney Island and becoming invested in the community
Louise Milano
Louise Milano's mother, Carolina, operated Carolina Restaurant on Mermaid Avenue for 60 years
Boris Kotlyar
Mermaid Spa founder talks about bringing the Russian banya tradition to Coney Island
Sabino Eugenio and Magda Perez
Owners of Mermaid Prime Meats in Coney Island
Edwin Cosme
Business Owner and Founder of the Coney Island Sports Foundation
David Mamasoff
His father sold frozen seafood to Nathan's
Lauragay Scarnaco-Albergo
Grew up in Coney Island
Goldie Durlester
Depression-era resident and survivor of the 1932 fire
The sounds of a typical day at Major Markets on Mermaid Avenue
Oldest market in Coney Island
Jimmy Prince
Proprietor of Major Markets, Coney Island's oldest butcher shop