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Irene Karas
Sea Gate resident on her girlhood memories of Coney Island and passing them on to her daughter
Rebecca Diamond
A five-year-old describes her visit to Coney Island
Joel Zika
The founder of the Dark Ride Project on documenting Spook-A-Rama and other historic dark rides
Jorge Gallegos
Working year-round at Deno's Wonder Wheel Park for 30 years
David Head
David Head tells the story of African-American inventor Granville T. Woods and his electric roller coaster
Terry Zheng
5D Cinema entrepreneur on Coney Island's Bowery
Walter "Shorty" Arsenault
Long-time manager of Astroland's Kiddieland
Wally Roberts
The King of Jones Walk
Louis Ritter
Amusement Ride Operator
Joan DelSandra
Memories of the Bobsled, Caterpillar and Parachute Jump
Louis Parker
Remembers Astroland Rocket
David Rapaport
Got stuck on the Parachute Jump
Roy Sylvan Sartin
Model Maker and Music Producer
Marion Kantrowitz
Rode the Cyclone at 4 years old
Jim St. Clair
Recalls Coney Island as a boy, especially Steeplechase Park
Joel Minesquero
Helping his Dad run a dark ride called the House of Horrors
Arthur Melnick
Coney Island concessionaire
Neal Kavakos
Memories of Tunnels of Love ride operator John Kavakos