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Connor Frontera
A young harmonica player born and raised in Coney Island
Federico Ausbury and Maira Vergara
Husband-and-wife music duo Federico Ausbury and Maira Vergara of A Flying Dodo Society
Cornel Chan
"The Elvis of the East" and founder of Brooklyn Chinese-American Assn. Chorus
José Beth Smolensky
Juilliard trained musician whose family owned Washington Baths
Brian "Fisherman" Lease
Fisherman performs his Tahitian-inspired song "This Place, Coney Island"
Roy Sylvan Sartin
Model Maker and Music Producer
Amos Wengler
Coney Island singer/songwriter who wrote "Save Coney Island" and "Hot Dog Song"
Margaret Ross
Coney Island resident and member of the 1960's girl group, The Cookies