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Cornel Chan
"The Elvis of the East" and founder of Brooklyn Chinese-American Assn. Chorus
John Landi
Worked at the RKO Tilyou Theater
Carol and Dennis Thompson
First visit since 1961
John Rea
Began his career as a sign painter in Coney Island
Michael Onorato
Son of Steeplechase Park's general manager, James Onorato
Vivian Palo
Loved growing up and raising children in Coney Island
Joseph Svehlak
Fond memories of Coney Island
Wally Roberts
The King of Jones Walk
Jimmy McCullough
Lifelong carousel owner and operator
Marie Roberts
A painter with a Coney Island legacy
José Beth Smolensky
Juilliard trained musician whose family owned Washington Baths
Peter Spanakos
Founder of the Sea Gate Historical Society
Michele Forsten
Lived in Luna Park Housing in the 1960's
Rose Patton
Lived next door to Luna Park
Abe Feinstein
Photographing his Coney Island neighborhood for 50 years
Steve Garone and Dan Pisark
Friends since Mark Twain Junior High years
Allen Ashby
Visiting Coney Island his whole life
Sherri and Harold Kaufman
High school sweethearts from Coney Island