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Ron Rossi
Bringing the 1960's back to Coney Island
Harold Kramer
Relatives lived under the Thunderbolt
Louis Ritter
Amusement Ride Operator
Howie Lipstein
Devoted Cyclone Rider
Robert Shapiro
Lived on Mermaid Ave. between 35th and 36th Streets between 1945 and 1965
Peter Agrapides
Owner of Williams Candy and past owner of Fascination Arcade
Debra Sturm
New York Aquarium volunteer
Joan DelSandra
Memories of the Bobsled, Caterpillar and Parachute Jump
Maria Argano with Gwen Sooling
Grew up in Luna Park Houses in the 1970's and worked at Nathan's
Marion Kantrowitz
Rode the Cyclone at 4 years old
Paul Krassner
Author and key figure in the counterculture of the 1960's shares his Coney Island memories
Kevin Rexach
Worked at the B&B Carousell
Sheila Buxbaum Fitlin
Family owned the Shamrock Irish House and Eldorado Arcade
Lauragay Scarnaco-Albergo
Grew up in Coney Island
Jerry Krase
Brooklyn College sociology professor
Mark Breyer
Outside talker at the World in Wax Musee and lifeguard in the 1950's and 60's
Amos Wengler
Coney Island singer/songwriter who wrote "Save Coney Island" and "Hot Dog Song"
Joel Minesquero
Helping his Dad run a dark ride called the House of Horrors