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Kevin Rexach
Worked at the B&B Carousell
Sheila Buxbaum Fitlin
Family owned the Shamrock Irish House and Eldorado Arcade
Lauragay Scarnaco-Albergo
Grew up in Coney Island
Jerry Krase
Brooklyn College sociology professor
Mark Breyer
Outside talker at the World in Wax Musee and lifeguard in the 1950's and 60's
Joel Minesquero
Helping his Dad run a dark ride called the House of Horrors
Amos Wengler
Coney Island singer/songwriter who wrote "Save Coney Island" and "Hot Dog Song"
Arthur Melnick
Coney Island concessionaire
Joan and Julie Curran
Longtime residents of Coney Island
Moire Cuite and Elizabeth O'Boyle
Recollections of summers spent at the Ocean Tide beach club near Sea Gate
Lou Powsner
Coney Island businessman and neighborhood activist
Dnynia Armstrong
Co-founder of the Brooklyn newspaper The Phoenix remembers living in Coney Island in the 1960s
Louis Scarcella
Longtime resident of Coney Island and former President of the Polar Bear Club
Margaret Ross
Coney Island resident and member of the 1960's girl group, The Cookies
Linda and Michael Merr
Family of former Coney game and ride owner Jack Merr