Oral History Archive

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Dorothy Wright
Lived in Coney Island since 1961
Elizabeth Velasco
Remembers the Laughing Lady
Joan Briller
Grew up in Brighton Beach
Kenneth Rosen
Remembers details of riding the Parachute Jump
Paul Brigandi
A lover of Steeplechase Park
Stanley Fox
Ran penny arcades in Coney Island for over 20 years
Susan Petersen Avitzour
Lived in Coney Island until age 11 and is back for the first time in 25 years
Betty Fair
Lifelong Coney Island resident
Marina Molina
Has lived in Coney Island for 41 years
Wendolyn Bundy
Retired teacher
Paul Krassner
Author and key figure in the counterculture of the 1960's shares his Coney Island memories
Philomena Marano
Artist and co-founder of Coney Island Hysterical Society
Charles Tesoro
Former president of the Coney Island Chamber of Commerce
Barbara Delamadrid
A lifetime resident of Coney Island
Trav S.D.
Actor, author, and modern-day vaudevillian
Matt Kennedy
Longtime Director of the Coney Island Chamber of Commerce
Frank Pugliese
Maintained Astroland Park's Astrotower for 25 years
Ed Spielman
Biographer of the Mighty Atom