Oral History Archive

Marina Ivanova
Russian comedienne and dancer
Sabino Eugenio and Magda Perez
Owners of Mermaid Prime Meats in Coney Island
Joe Rollino
103 year old former Coney Island strongman and boxer
John Landi
Worked at the RKO Tilyou Theater
Leni Schwendinger
Parachute Jump lighting designer
Morris Egert
Polish immigrant finds success with an Italian food stand in 1950s Coney Island
John Strong
Sideshow Proprietor
Joe Rysz
Visited Coney Island from Massachusetts as a boy
Dave Galler
Took the 13th Ave. trolley
Robert Maxwell
Roller coaster restorer and enthusiast
Pat Lingenbach
Avid weekender in Coney Island
Stephanie Norr and Betty Cohn
Shared their 1950's childhood under the boardwalk
Carol and Dennis Thompson
First visit since 1961
Jimmy McCullough
Lifelong carousel owner and operator
Tommy Smith
Grew up in a Coney Island bungalow
Vivian Palo
Loved growing up and raising children in Coney Island
Wally Roberts
The King of Jones Walk
Joseph Svehlak
Fond memories of Coney Island