Oral History Archive

Harry Gans
Lived in Coney Island from 1938 thru early 1950's
Allen Ashby
Visiting Coney Island his whole life
Paul Fetscher
Real estate broker and restaurant development consultant
Robby Corrado
Mr. Cyclone hopeful
Richard Picone
A fan of the Cyclone
Rob Weiner
Fan of the Cyclone and the Cyclones
Olga Guevara
Coney Island visitor since the 1980's
Shanna Rivera, Rita Fernandez, Pam DeGennaro & Keyniah Romero
Grew up on 20th & Surf and 21st & Neptune
Mi Won Kim
Fan of the new Luna Park
Ed Radonic
Organist and grandson of B&B Carousell organ doctor
Sherri and Harold Kaufman
High school sweethearts from Coney Island
Diana Carroll and Sean Toole
Runners from Manhattan in the Brooklyn Half Marathon
Louis Beard
Arcade game repairman
Priscilla Patterson
Volunteer at Amethyst Women's Project
Goldie Durlester
Lived through the Great Depression in Coney Island
Maria Belfiore Indovina
Grew up visiting Coney in the 1950's
Joanna Randall
Sand Sculpting Contestant
Ron Rossi
Bringing the 1960's back to Coney Island