Oral History Archive

Maria Argano with Gwen Sooling
Grew up in Luna Park Houses in the 1970's and worked at Nathan's
Brian "Fisherman" Lease
Fisherman performs his Tahitian-inspired song "This Place, Coney Island"
Chris Davies
Great-grandson of strongman The Great Sandow
David Mamasoff
His father sold frozen seafood to Nathan's
Louis Parker
Remembers Astroland Rocket
David Rapaport
Got stuck on the Parachute Jump
Joan DelSandra
Memories of the Bobsled, Caterpillar and Parachute Jump
Jack Ward
Grandson of Coney Island Developer William J. Ward
Melissa Rosson Rappaport
Architectural preservationist
Marion Kantrowitz
Rode the Cyclone at 4 years old
Ronald Ruiz
Retired bus driver
Rode the Steeplechase horses
Roy Sylvan Sartin
Model Maker and Music Producer
Elizabeth Velasco
Remembers the Laughing Lady
Dorothy Wright
Lived in Coney Island since 1961
Joan Briller
Grew up in Brighton Beach
Kenneth Rosen
Remembers details of riding the Parachute Jump
Paul Brigandi
A lover of Steeplechase Park