Oral History Archive

John Hodge
Member of the Seven Immortals
Louis Beard
Arcade game repairman
Harold Kramer
Relatives lived under the Thunderbolt
Priscilla Patterson
Volunteer at Amethyst Women's Project
Goldie Durlester
Lived through the Great Depression in Coney Island
Kyle Yapching & Steve DeCastro
First ride on The Cyclone
Maria Belfiore Indovina
Grew up visiting Coney in the 1950's
Erik Knapp
First in line for a ride on the Cyclone
Circus Boy
13-year-old side show worker and activist
Gary and Betty Stein
Mother and Son, Residents of Coney Island
Peter Agrapides
Owner of Williams Candy and past owner of Fascination Arcade
D.J. Vourderis
D.J. Vourderis adds solar panels to the Wonder Wheel
Joseph Albanese
87-year-old remembers the Nickel Empire
Jocelyn Cantor
Grew up on Avenue Z in the 1930's and 40's
Coney Island Vinny
Owner of Sheepshead Bay tattoo shop recounts when Coney Island's Stillwell Ave was "Tattoo Alley"
Steve Spak
Photographer who worked on a city ambulance for Coney Island Hospital in the late 1970's
Robert Shapiro
Lived on Mermaid Ave. between 35th and 36th Streets between 1945 and 1965
Louis Ritter
Amusement Ride Operator